Four Percent Group Scam? - The Real Truth by Member of Four Percent Group 2017!

Four Percent Group Scam? – The Real Truth by Member of Four Percent Group 2017!

There is lot of buzz going around The Four Percent Group by Vick Strizheus. Some of you already heard about it, but most of you don’t.

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If you are thinking about joining the company you might want to know the actual truth of Four Percent Group from the actual member of four percent group.

The four percent group is developed by Vick Strizheus. At very 1st time when I came across this company just like you, I was thinking is this real or scam.

I started to do some research about The Four Percent Group on internet. I went through lot of pages. Some of them were saying it’s a scam while others were saying it’s real.

Near about 5-6 days decided to join four percent group because it was FREE to Join.

After joining we go through “7-Steps To Results”. It was step by step  video training on how to make money online, how to set up campaigns, how to create most effective landing pages, how to create funnels , how to get maximum conversions, how to track clicks to your link, how to get sales and earn maximum commissions.


how to make money online


In 7-steps you have to set up your payment method i.e. how you want your money by Clickbank or by Paypal.


make money online


And  after going through all these steps! You just have to do what Vick says in the Secrete Training.

And you know what with in a day I started to generate Money….Wow!


how to make money online


FOUR PERCENT GROUP is a Real Money Generation System. This is World’s Simplest and most powerful system which helped me to know how to make money online. I had some of experience in marketing but Vick Strizheus helped me to understand how affiliate marketing works.

It doesn’t matter what kind of marketing experience you may currently have. This system works for both Beginners or Professionals.

Who is  Vick Strizheus

Vick is a true value provider. I have never seen anyone that provides so much FREE value! He is on a mission to TRANSFORM people’s lives – just like he did for me, my sister, and so many others!

He is a person who really wants to help people overcome their challenges, in any area of their life – not just financial.

Vick is all about personal development, mindset, belief and personal empowerment. He has strong family and spiritual values, and his goal for us is to become EXTRAORDINARY.

If you have some experience about affiliate marketing like how to create landing page, how to set up sales funnel, how to get free traffic to your affiliate link, how to get maximum conversion, how to track every click etc then you can join any of the above company.

But if you are beginner and don’t have enough experience in affiliate marketing then you should join Four Percent Group to start earning fast. They provide simplest but most powerful video training to their members for FREE. And with in single day you can learn all the SECRETS of making money online with affiliate marketing.

And another Hidden SECRETE is that, any person who is in affiliate marketing or who want to start affiliate marketing , with in near future he or she MUST have to join the Four percent group. Four percent group will become NECESSARY for every affiliate marketers WHO WANT MAKE MONEY ONLINE FAST.

Because  the kind of Growth, Plans and Strategies, Funnels , Landing pages, Email follow up system, Tracking System they have,I  have never seen any other company doing stuff like them. 

And friends Its totally up to you if you want join it or not that’s your decision. I am just sharing the way I am earning 17500+ per month. The four percent system helped me to change my life and You can also try it for FREE. 

Four percent group pay near about 40% to 75% Commissions to Their Affiliates Plus They provide Multiple Streams of Income.

You can also join their private Facebook Group after sign up where you can see how people from all over world are making money with this system and here you can get instant help and support from 17985+ (continuously growing) members if you find any problem.


make money online


What is The Four Percent Group ?

It is an evolutionary online community helping other people reach levels of income that people can only dream about.

Watch the video to understand 4 percent concept –


Four Percent Group –

It is an innovative service in the internet marketing industry which allows everyone who seeks to become a successful internet marketer / affiliate.

It is best place to learn the right principles and strategies which helps to make money online fast and to run an online business!

This includes people from all over the world from any background, age, level of interest or in this particular method of expertise, river of opportunity.

The Four Percent Group is most powerful system with simplest design to resolve all frustration.

All the tools and information necessary to create a realistic $5,000+ per month income within 30-60 days and then doubling that in the following 60 days are included in The Four Percent Group Training.

The 4 Percent Training Guide includes:

  • How to make $5,000+ per month within 30-60 days
  • Earn 40% – 70% Commissions
  • Blueprints for Generating 6-figures of Income
  • How to dominate in Internet Marketing
  • How to Build Your Lists and Generate Instant Traffic
  • 24/7 Access to Vick’s VIP Trainings and Webinars
  • Limitless Instructional Videos & Audio Recordings
  • & Much More

The Four Percent Group Member’s Back Office –

make money online








This is the four percent group member’s back office. Where you can the top 20 people from all over world on leader board they are earning more than $10000+ Per Month.

After joining the four percent group you will be able to join Private facebook group. Where you can see, how people from all over World is making money with the four percent group.

So, what exactly this learning process includes?


make money online


1: The Plan, Details & Strategy For Winning

 2: Payment Account Setup and 

3: Funnels setup

4: Activating Multiple Streams of Income

5: Activating Your Power-Base, Get Result Fast 

6: Get Connected!-The Miracles of live events

Step 7: Start Operation $100K Training Well,when we have done everything from step1 to step6 in order to get to the last step which is also called Operation $100K. In this step Vick Strizheus step by step shows us how we can go from $0 to $100000 in 90 Days or less.

Features of The 4 Percent Group:

  • The 4 Percent Group is most powerful online money making system.We can earn lot of money with the right strategy and get more commission from multiple streams of Income.
  • In four percent group you can learn The Secret formulas to generate more leads on demand and you can get experienced in a different way that you never imagined before.
  • It will really support and teach you how to earn money, how to set up your own online business.

This system can teach you everything to build your online business from home, so you can get more knowledge and higher incomes in just a few days.

Good Points:

  • Actually, The 4 Percent Group educating people to increase their income level with the help of online marketing system.
  • It provides tips, advice, techniques, tricks to guide you on the right path and start making money in online.
  • It is really inexpensive and affordable for you to start.
  • Once you start using this system to make money from home or office or at in vacation also.
  • Really this internet marketing system teaches everyone to build their business by selling different products and get paid more commission.

Bad Points:

  • It is available in online only, so without an internet connection, you are not able to access this system.
  • If you feel lazy to follow the given instructions, you can’t get the best result at desired time.

make money online


Bottom Line:-

If you are ready to start making money online, there has never been a better opportunity than now.

If you enjoy surfing the web for countless hours looking for the next hot tip, never being able to get focused, being overloaded with conflicting information, and not making money online.

You should probably leave this page right now and get back to that strategy.

The 4 Percent Group is recommended! I don’t recommend many programs however I can say that I am recommending The 4 Percent Group.

This program teaches you exactly how to make money online with a unique way and teaches the same strategies that I am currently using to make up to $450 Per Day.

If you join this system and start implementing what Vick Strizheus teaches you I have no doubts that you’ll make money.

The 4 Percent Group works and it’s not a scam. It comes with 60 Days 100% money-back guarantee. This is what works for me. If it doesn’t work for you, you can ask for a refund.

So you’ve got nothing to lose. Overall, it is well worth its price. Highly recommended! You won’t regret it!

four percent group

Thanks for reading all the way.

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