How to Build High Converting, AMAZING Looking Landing Pages In Just Minutes!

How to Build High Converting, AMAZING Looking Landing Pages In Just Minutes!

What is a Landing Page?

landing page is a web page that allows you to capture a visitor's information through a lead-capture form.

Landing page
Landing page

7 Reasons You Need Landing Pages!

1) Easily Generate Leads!  If you could do one thing right now to drastically improve your lead generation efforts, it would be to use landing pages on your website.

2) Give Your Offers a Place to Live: Marketing offers and landing pages go hand in hand. 

3) Collect Demographic Information About Your Prospects: Every time a lead completes a conversion form on a landing page, your marketing and sales team is collecting valuable information about your leads.

4) Understand Which Prospects Are More EngagedLanding pages not only enable you to generate new leads; they also allow you to track reconversions of existing leads, which you can then use to identify which prospects are more engaged with your business. 

5) Provide Fuel for Other Marketing Channels: A successful inbound marketing strategy relies on content -- and lots of it. Landing pages are a great addition to any marketer's content arsenal since they can be shared in social media, used as the focus of dedicated email sends and in lead nurturing campaigns, be linked to in PPC ads, and get found in organic search.

6) Offer Insights Into the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Offers: Every time you create a landing page, you're creating another data asset for your marketing program. By tracking and analyzing the metrics associated with your landing pages , you can collect a lot of insight into your marketing performance, such as how your various marketing offers compare, how visitors and leads are converting on your landing pages over time, and more .

7)Great results FAST! - A good attention grabbing, video background landing pages out convert 40% more than regular pages.  That means more leads with the same traffic but in less time!


How To Build High Converting, AMAZING Looking Landing Pages!

landing page
landing page

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